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Something from the old days...

I studied different types of art over the years, both formally and informally, and have worked hard to merge all of my knowledge into comprehensible pieces.  In terms of what I enjoy most, it would have to be sculpting.  I find sculpting to be relaxing and meditative, and allows me to produce beautiful art. All work shown in this gallery are one-of pieces, and some have already been sold. However, should you wish to discuss commissioning a similar piece to one of those shown, want to learn to make one of your own, or would like to discuss commissions on other projects, please do so via the email address on my contact page.

Come along with me as I rid Wake County's cities and towns of un-cycled vinyl banner material! I recently made an investment in a great beast of a machine, weighing nearly 200Lbs and continue building bags, bannerellas, yoga mat bags, and doggie rain coats!

All new equipment aside, I am also opening a kick-starter for this business to help pay for my sweet 4-day workshop in Maryland to learn the art of biminibannering!                                Weeeeeee!!!

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The design concept developed over time as I worked out a plasma cutting and oxy-fuel forging method on rectangular stock. After piling several lengths of these ‘stalks’ their reminiscence to the sea ferns used in aquariums became pleasingly apparent. The addition of the lighter gauge ‘fronds’ really
Final resting place is above the front wheels on the body of my 2002 Chevy Blazer. –This won’t happen much before I wreck it once or twice, however... I was struck by the sight of a piece of black plastic being blown out through a small slit in a burlap covering over the back of a hauling truck
This was my final Advanced Metal Sculpture project. I designed this patio light/beer cooler (top lifts to reveal a bucket for ice or which can be replaced with fairy lights) early last fall as a way to push my metal fabricating skills and as a Thank You to the benefactor for his support.
This piece includes two design elements I wanted to record. One is the Fibonacci sequence (the holes), the other represents a visual demonstration of relationships such as the Pythagorean theorem, or, dissections, designed into the ‘cap’. I guess I'm stuck in math no matter what tools or media I use
Dinner with Posidon
"Waterfall " (c) 2009; The upper part of this necklas represents where the deep stream flows placidly, bubbling just along the edges where the turtles and guppies live, then splashes over the boulders to release the big fishies below. - a take off from the cabin stream treks of my dad and onkles.
First stainedglass piece, design from an earlier watercolor
Peacock garden trellis (5' tall)G
Garden placque
(c) Itzu mirrors
Ailey's first sculpture
The size and form of the bells requires the player to focus on their grasp in order to elicit a clear tone when they ring the bell. This forced focus, if you will, plays with the metaphysical harmonic subliminal whole kinda mind thingy of centering one’s universe just prior to clearing the chi, the
"Mother" (c) 2007; decorative ceramic birdhouse - I’d noticed, most of my life,
my mother never shed tears.
Fitting this sculpture with
staring blue eyes that seem
brimming with tears poignantly
contrasts with the adornment
and ‘giving’ and ‘sheltering’
feeling the piece yields.
Nuff-Said - articulated RnD ceramic sculpture
"Skjervefossen og Bordalsgjelet" is a cylindrical water fountain representing the “Skjervefossen” near Voss, Norway.
First in a series of small super-vitrified garden spirits meant to be ‘happened upon’ in your garden. The spirits are of female form and enlivened with moss beds. They are heavier than one might expect to provide a sturdy chipmunk perch. :: Oh, to lie upon a mossy knoll and gaze upon the pansies! ::
This is a representation of human's ability to accept and wear the burdens of our mantles with full absence of emotion. (er, I guess that'd be stoic).  
I was extremely pleased with the final finish on this guy. I was most interested in retaining the strain in the neck muscles -- it is that strain c
Building this tall cylinder brought great satisfaction. I combined two shorter cylinder shapes and then made the slit opening. I did a great piecrust pinch and added a hand blended 'shell pink' under glaze to the interior to enhance the sea form. 
I look forward to building more of these forms and h
"Butt vase"
Last ceramic piece from CCCC - scandahoovian-esque bird bath for my folks
Story mosaic
Lionfish in 6 parts - tried out a new grid pattern with new canvas squares and impasto... i love it!
le fleur pink
Sign of Spring
At the Farm
My beach babies
House Boats (painted on the back of my house)
Beginnings of a children's book
SoKoi class
Egg gathering apron - 2015
Cary-McCray ToteBag - Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival!
Commuter Set
come, grab my buns
Let me put my hands in your pockets.

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Let me put my hands in your pockets. Send me your hopelessly non-functional dresses, skirts or tunics and I'll send you back your items up-fitted with abundantly useful phone, lipstick, key-holding pockets in the material of your choice or mine! 

Pockets installation, $ varies​

In addition to pockets, this sewist is #BRINGINGBACKTHEFANNYPACK!
Come, grab my buns. When the day temp was in the teens and Mom took our jeans in from the clothesline outside, she'd stand them up in the den to thaw. LOL. HoneyBuns by the Up-Cycled Sewist gives new life to your saggy old jeans.

HoneyBuns, pillows-$35; 
HandyBuns, work aprons-$35

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One-off Clothes Pin Bag
Basic Banner Bag
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