Many of my pieces are portraits of moments in time where, when struck by nature’s beauty, I record the scene beyond the normal habit of a photograph – into paint, clay or metal.
I was born in upstate New York but have lived in Raleigh, North Carolina since 1969. I am an accomplished painter and sketch artist and spent several years behind a computer designing marketing materials and Internet tools, but feel I came fully into my realm once I began my coursework through the Central Carolina Community College’s Professional Arts & Crafts Sculpture Program. Through this program I found both superb educational support and a creative energized culture and environment in which to grow artistically.
In moving from two-dimensional work to learning and understanding how to accomplish my ideas in three-dimensions – whether clay, metal, glass or beads – I feel I have been able to add greater depth and conviction to my work and I enthusiastically look forward to reaching for the untold possibilities ahead.
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